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Sri chanakya niti sastra/full description/2020


About 2300 years past the Greek superior Alexander the nice invaded the Indian sub-continent. His offensive upon the land's patchwork of little Hindu empires tried to be extremely self-made because of the dissension of the petty rulers. it absolutely was Chanakya Pandit United Nations agency, feeling deeply distressed in spite of appearance, looked for, and discovered a professional leader within the person of Chandragupta Mauryathough a mere dasi-Putra, that is, a son of a domestic by the Magadha King Nanda, Chandragupta was extremely smart, gritty, and burly. Chanakya cared very little that by birth he mustn't have dared to approach the throne. a person of acute discretion, Chanakya desired solely that a ruler of extraordinary capabilities be raised to the exalted post of King of Magadha so the offensive launched by the Yavanas (Greeks) may well be pent-up. It is aforesaid that Chanakya had been in person displeased by King Nanda which this powerful Brahmana had vowed to stay his long sikha unknotted till he saw to the death of the scornful ruler and his sottish princes. faithful his oath, it absolutely was sole once Chanakya Pandit designed a swift death for the degraded and no-good rulers of the Nanda sept that this nice Brahmana was able to once more traffic congestion his tuft of hair. There square measure many versions relating the precise manner that Chanakya had set concerning eliminating the Nandas, and it seems historians have found it troublesome to separate reality from folks legend as regards to sure specific details. After the Nanda downfall, it became simple for Chandragupta to win the support of the Magadha voters, United Nations agency responded warmly to their new heroic and handsome young ruler.


Kings of neighboring states rallied below Chandragupta's suzerainty and therefore the last of the Greeks headed by Alexander's general full general were defeated. With the twin obstacles of the Nandas and Alexander's troops out of the manner, Chanakya Pandit used each political device and intrigue to unite the bigger portion of the Indian sub-continent. below the Prime ministership of Chanakya, King Chandragupta Maurya conquered all the finishes up to Asian countries in the Northwest and all the way down to the extremities of province or Mysore state within the South. it absolutely was by his wits alone that this skinny and ill-clad Brahmana directed the formation of the best Indian empire ever before seen in history (since the start of Kali-yuga). therefore the autochthonous sacred text culture of the sacred land of Bharata was protected and therefore the religious practices of the Hindus may press on unhampered. 
Although several nice savants of the science of niti like Hindu deity, ShukracharyaBhartrihari and Vishnu Sharma have echoed several of those directions in their own celebrated works*, it's maybe the manner that Chanakya applied his teachings of Niti-Sastra that has created him stand out as a major historical figure. the nice Pandit teaches the United States of America that lofty ideals will become an explicit reality if we tend to show intelligence work towards achieving our goal during a determined, progressive, and sensible manner. Dr. R. Shamashastry, the translator of English people version of Kautilya's Artha-Sastra, quotes a prediction from the Vishnu Sanskrit literature fourth canto, ordinal chapter, relating to the looks of Chanakya Pandit. This prediction, incidentally, was scribed fifty centuries past, nearly 2700 years before this political heavyweight and man of destiny were to look. The prediction informs us: "(First) Mahapadma then his sons - solely 9 in variety - are going to be the lords of the world for 100 years. A Brahmana named Kautilya can murder these Nandas. On their death, the Mauryas can relish the world. Kautilya himself can install Chandragupta on the throne. His son is going to be Bindusara and his son is going to be Ashokavardhana." Similar prophecies are perennial within the Bhagavata, Hindu deity, and Matsya Puranas. In presenting this work I even have derived out and brought up to English language versions of Chanakya Niti-Sastra printed at the shut of the last century.

* However, these apparently were translated by mere students (not devotees) United Nations agency appear to own lost several subtleties of Chanakya's large wit and knowledge. Another unchanged and unpublished manuscript Chanakya Niti-Sastra with each English translation and Latinised transcription created by the Vrndavana religious order Centre was additionally brought up. it absolutely was but the learned Vaisnava pandit and Indic scholar Sri V. Badarayana Murthy, of the South Indian Madhva college, United Nations agency helped ME see the depth and import of those verses from the first Nagarian awfully few slokas that were maybe impertinent or otherwise not helpful for our Vaisnava readers are omitted. I have been told that our blessed religious master His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Hindoo Prabhupada had expressed a need that Sri Chanakya Niti-Sastra be properly translated into English. it's hoped that our gift rendering is going to be a minimum of helpful if not instructive to the reader. allow us to examine currently during a few words on the science of it, or logic, from the pen of Srila Bhaktivinoda, the nice nineteenth-century devotee-pioneer of the worldwide propagation of Lord Caitanya's divine message. Taking the 2 words "common sense" right up to their highest level, he has written: "Man's glory is in logic, Dictating United States of America the grace, That man is formed to measure and love The beautiful Heaven's embrace"*3 In different words, the $64000 goal of niti, so the goal of life is to grasp one's eternal position of Krishna consciousness. The Bhagavad-gita confirms Srila Bhaktivinode's read within the final line of its last slokaDhruva niter mature mama. A translation of that full verse runs: "(Sanjaya said) where there's Krishna the master of all mystics, and where there's mythical being the supreme archer, there'll even be wealthiness, victory, extraordinary power and morality (niti). that's My opinion.


1. Humbly bowing down before the almighty Lord Sri Hindu deity, the Lord of the 3 worlds, I recite maxims of the science of political ethics (niti) selected from the assorted satras.

 2. That man World Health Organization by the study of those maxims from the satras acquires a data of the foremost celebrated principles of duty, and understands what ought and what ought to not be followed, and what's sensible and what's unhealthy, is paramount.

 3. so with a watch to the general public sensible, I shall speak that that, once understood, can cause Associate in the Nursing understanding of things in their correct perspective.

 4. Even a pandit involves grief by giving instruction to a foolish follower, by maintaining a wicked married person, and by excessive familiarity with the miserable.

 5. A wicked married person, a false friend, a saucy servant, and living in a very house with a serpent in it are nothing however death.

 6. One ought to save his cash against difficulty, save his married person at the sacrifice of his material resource, however invariably one ought to save his soul even at the sacrifice of his married person and material resource. 

7. Save your wealth against future misfortune. Do not say, "What what concern contains a rich person of calamity?" once material resources begin to leave one even the accumulated stock dwindles away. 

8. don't inhabit a rustic wherever you're not revered, cannot earn your living, haven't any friends, or cannot acquire data. 

9. don't keep for one day wherever there aren't these 5 persons: a have, a Brahmana well versed in Vedic content, a king, a watercourse, and an MD. 

10. Wise men ought to ne'er go in a rustic wherever there aren't any means that of earning one's living, wherever the individuals haven't any dread of anybody, haven't any sense of shame, no intelligence, or a charitable disposition. 

11. check a servant whereas within the discharge of his duty, a relative in problem, a lover in adversity, and a married person in misfortune. 

12. he's a real friend World Health Organization doesn't leave the United States in time of want, misfortune, famine, or war, in a very king's court, or at the crematorium (smasana). 

13. He World Health Organization provides up what's imperishable for that that biodegradable, lose that that is imperishable; and doubtlessly loses that that is biodegradable additionally. 

14. A mentor ought to marry a virgin of a good family even though she is distorted. He shouldn't marry one in all a working-class family, through beauty. A wedding in a very family of equal standing is desirable.

 15. don't place your trust in rivers, men World Health Organization carry weapons, beasts with claws or horns, women, and members of a royal house. 

16. Even from poison extract nectar, wash and take back gold if it's fallen in filth, receive the very best data (Krsna consciousness) from a coffee born person; thus additionally a woman possessing virtuous qualities (Sri-Ratna) even though she changes state in a very sordid family. 

17. ladies have hunger two-fold, timidness four-fold, daring six-fold, and lust eight-fold as compared to men. 


1. dishonesty, rashness, guile, stupidity, avarice, uncleanliness, and cruelty ar a women's seven natural flaws. 

2. to own ability for intake once dishes are prepared at hand, to be strong and virile within the company of one's religiously wed married person, and to own a mind for creating charity once one is prosperous are the fruits of no normal austerities. 

3. He whose son is compliant to him, whose wife's conduct is in accordance together with his needs, and the World Health Organization is content together with his material resource, has his heaven here on earth. 

4. They alone are sons World Health Organization are dedicated to their father. he's a father World Health Organization supports his sons. he's a lover in whom we will confide, and he or she solely may be a married person in whose company the husband feels contented and peaceful. 

5. Avoid him World Health Organization talks sweetly before you however try to ruin you behind your back, for he's sort of a pitcher of poison with milk on high. 

6. don't place your trust in a very unhealthy companion nor even trust a normal friend, for if he ought to get angry with you, he might bring all of your secrets to light-weight. 

7. don't reveal what you've got thought upon doing, however by wise council keep it secret being determined to hold it into execution. 

8. Foolishness is so painful, and verily this is youth, however, a lot of pain out and away than either is being obligated in another person's house. 

9. There doesn't exist a ruby in each mountain, nor a pearl within the head of each elephant; neither are the sadhus to be found everyplace, nor shoe trees in each forest. 

10. Wise men should cite their sons in numerous ethical ways that, for kids, the World Health Organization has data of Niti-Sastra and ar well-behaved to become a glory to their family. 

11. Those folks World Health Organization don't educate their sons are their enemies; for as maybe a crane among swans, thus are ignorant sons in a very public assembly. 

12. many other unhealthy habits are developed through indulgence, and plenty of an honest one by chastisement, so beat your son similarly as your pupil; ne'er indulge them. ("Spare the rod and spoil the kid."

13. Let not one day pass while not you're learning a verse, 0.5 a verse, or a fourth of it, or maybe one letter of it; nor while not getting to charity, study, and different pious activity.

 14. Separation from the married person, disgrace from one's own individuals, Associate in Nursing enemy saved in battle, service to a wicked king, poverty, and a mismanaged assembly: these six forms of evils, if afflicting an individual, burn him even while not hearth. 

15. Trees on a watercourse bank, a lady in another man's house, and kings while not counselors go doubtless to swift destruction.


1. during this world, whose family is there while not blemish? United Nations agency is free from illness and grief? United Nations agency is forever happy? 

2. A man's descent is also discerned by - his conduct, his country by his pronunciation of the language, his relationship by his heat and glow, and his capability to eat by his body.

 3. provide your female offspring in wedding to an honest family, interact your son in learning, see that your enemy involves grief, and have interaction with your friends in Dharma. (Krsna consciousness). 

4. Of a rascal and a serpent, the serpent is that the higher of the 2, for the strikes solely at the time he's destined to kill, whereas the previous at each step. 

5. thus kings gather spherical themselves men of fine families, for they ne'er desolate them either at the start, the center or the top. 

6. At the time of the pralaya (universal destruction) the oceans square measure to exceed their limits and ask for to vary, however, an angelical man ne'er changes. 

7. don'accompany a fool for as we are able to see he's a two-legged beast. Like AN unseen thorn, he pierces the guts along with his sharp words. 

8. although men are invested with beauty and youth and born in noble families, nevertheless while no the education they're just like the palace flower that is empty of sweet fragrance. 

9. the sweetness of a cuckoo is in its notes, that of a lady in her pure devotion to her husband, that of an unsightly person in his scholarship, which of AN ascetic in his forgiveness. 

10. surrender a member to avoid wasting a family, a family to avoid wasting a village, a village to avoid wasting a rustic, and also the country to avoid wasting yourself. 

11. there's no impoverishment for the industrious. Sin doesn't attach itself to the person's active Japa (chanting of the holy names of the Lord). Those who square measure absorbed in the manual (silent contemplation of the Lord) haven't any quarrel with others. they're fearless United Nations agency stay perpetually alert. 

12. what's too serious for the sturdy and what place is simply too distant for {those United Nations agency|those that|people who} place forth effort? What country is foreign to a person of true learning? United Nations agency is often unfriendly to at least one who speaks pleasingly? 

13. As a full forest becomes aromatic by the existence of one tree with sweet blossoms in it, therefore a family becomes celebrated by the birth of a virtuous son. 

14. As one withered tree, if set on fire, causes a full forest to burn, therefore will a rascal son destroy a full family. 

15. As night appearance pleasant once the moon shines, therefore could be a family elated by even one learned and virtuous son. 

16. what's the employment of getting several sons if they cause grief and vexation? it's higher to own just one son from whom the full family will derive support and peacefulness. 

17. caress a son till he's 5 years old-time, and use the stick for one more 10 years, however, once he has earned his sixteenth year treat him as a fan. 

18. The United Nations agency runs aloof from a fearful disaster, a distant invasion, a terrible famine, and also the society of wicked men is safe.

 19. He United Nations agency has not nonheritable one in all the following: non secular benefit (dharma), wealth (artha), the satisfaction of wishes (kama), or liberation (moksa) is repeatedly born to die. 

20. Lakshmi, the divinity of wealth, comes of Her own accord wherever fools aren't revered, the grain is well held on up, and also the husband and married woman don't quarrel. 


 1. These five: the life-span, the kind of labor, wealth, learning, and also the time of one's death square measure determined whereas one is within the uterus. 

2. Offspring, friends, and relatives scarper from an admirer of the Lord: nevertheless, people who follow him bring benefit to their families through their devotion. 

3. Fish, tortoises, and birds point out their young by means that of sight, attention and touch; therefore do angelical men afford protection to their associates by a similar means that. 

4. As long as your body is healthy and in restraint and death is distant, try and save your soul; once death is immanent what are you able to do? 

5. Learning is sort of a cow of want. It, like her, yields altogether seasons. sort of a mother, it feeds you on your journey. thus learning could be a hidden treasure. 

6. one son invested with smart qualities is way higher than 100 empty them. For the moon, though one, dispels the darkness, that the celebs, although varied, can not.

 7. A still-born son as superior to a foolish son invested with a protracted life. the primary causes grief for however a flash whereas the latter sort of a blazing hearth consumes his oldsters in grief for all times. 

8. Residing during a little village empty correct living facilities, serving an individual born of a coffee family, noisome food, a displeased married woman, a foolish son, and an unmarried female offspring burn the body while not hearth. 

9. What smart could be a cow that neither provides milk nor conceives? equally, what's the worth of the birth of a son if he becomes neither learned nor a pure lover of the Lord?

 10. once one is consumed by the sorrows of life, 3 things provide him relief: offspring, a wife, and also the company of the Lord's devotees. 

11. Kings represent once, men of learning once, and also the female offspring is given at a wedding once. of these things happen once and just one occasion

1. Agni is that the worshipable person for the twice-born; the Veda for the opposite castes; the husband for the wife; and therefore the guest UN agency comes for food at the noonday meal for all. 

2. As gold is tested in four ways that by rubbing, cutting, heating and beating -- therefore a person ought to be tested by these four things: his renunciation, his conduct, his qualities, and his actions. 

3. An issue is also dreadful as long because it has not overtaken you, however, once it's an encounter you, attempt to get eliminate it while not hesitation. 

4. tho' persons change state from the identical uterus and underneath identical stars, they are doing not become alike in disposition because of a thousand fruits of the baradari tree.

 5. The UN agencies hands square measure clean doesn't prefer to hold Associate in Nursing office; he UN agency needs nothing cares not for bodily decorations; he UN agency is barely partly educated cannot speak agreeably, and he who speaks out plainly can not be a wrongdoer. 

6. The learned square measure envied by the foolish; made men by the poor; chaste girls by adulteresses; and delightful girls by ugly ones. 

7. Indolent application ruins study; cash is lost once entrusted to others; a farmer UN agency sows his seed sparsely is ruined, and the military is lost for wish of a commander. 

8. Learning is preserved through golf shot into practice; family status is maintained through smart behavior; a good person is recognized by his glorious qualities, and anger is seen within the eyes. 

9. faith is preserved by wealth; data by diligent practice; a king by conciliatory words; and a home by a duteous married woman. 

10. people who blaspheme religious text knowledge, UN agency ridicule the life vogue suggested within the satras, and UN agency bemocks men of peaceful temperament, return to grief unnecessarily. 

11. Charity puts Associate in the Nursing finish to poverty; righteous conduct to misery; discretion to ignorance; and scrutiny to worry.

 12. there's no malady (so destructive) as lust; no enemy like infatuation; no fireplace like wrath; and no happiness like religious data. 

13. a person is born alone and dies alone, and he experiences the great and unhealthy consequences of his fate alone, and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode. 

14. Heaven is however a straw to him UN agency is aware of religious life (Krsna consciousness); therefore is life to a fearless man; a lady to him UN agency has subdued his senses, and therefore the universe to him UN agency is while not attachment for the globe. 

15. Learning may be a friend on the journey; a partner within the house; medication in sickness; and the spiritual advantage is that the sole friend once death. 

16. The rain that falls upon the ocean is useless; therefore is food for one UN agency is satiated; vainly may be a gift for one UN agency is wealthy, and a burning lamp throughout the daytime is useless. 

17. there's no water like rainwater; no strength like one's own; no lightweight like that of the eyes; and no wealth a lot of expensive than grain. 

18. The poor want for wealth; animals for the college of speech; men want for heaven; and godly persons for liberation.

 19. the world is supported by the ability of truth; it's the ability of truth that creates the sunshine and therefore the winds blow; so all things rest upon truth. 

20. The divinity of wealth is unsteady (Chanchal), then is that the life-breath. The length of life is unsure, and therefore the place of habitation is uncertain; however, all told this inconsistent world spiritual advantage alone is stabile

21. Among men the barber is cunning; among birds the crow; among beasts the jackal; and among girls, the malin (flower girl). 

22. These 5 square measure your fathers; the UN agency gave you birth, girdled you with the sacred thread, teaches you, provides you with food, and protects you from fearful things.

 23. These 5 ought to be thought of as mothers; the king's partner, the preceptor's partner, the friend's partner, your wife's mother, and your own mother.


  1. By means that of hearing one understands Dharma, malignity vanishes, data is noninheritable, and liberation from material bondage is gained. 

2. Among birds the crow is vile; among beasts the dog; the ascetic whose sins are abominable, however, he UN agency blasphemes others is that the worst chandala

3. Brass is polished by ashes; copper is clean by tamarind; a lady, by her menses; and a stream by its flow. 

4. The king, the Veda, and therefore the ascetic yogi UN agency go abroad square measure respected; however, the lady UN agency wanders is totally ruined. 

5. The UN agency has wealth has friends. The UN agency is loaded has relatives. The made one alone is named a person, and therefore the affluent alone square measure revered as pandits

6. As is that the want of Providence, therefore functions one's intellect; one's activities are controlled by Providence; and by the desire of Providence, one is enclosed by helpers. 

7. Time perfects all living beings in addition as kills them; it alone is awake once all others square measure asleep. Time is insurmountable. 

8. Those born blind cannot see; equally blind square measures those within the grip of lust. Proud men haven't any perception of evil; and people bent getting material resources to see no sin in their actions. 

9. The spirit soul goes through his own course of fate and he himself suffers the great and unhealthy results thereby accumulated. By his own actions, he entangles himself in the cycle, and by his own efforts, he extricates himself. 

10. The king is obligated to just accept the sins of his subjects; the purohit (priest) suffers for those of the king; a husband suffers for those of his wife; and therefore the guru suffers for those of his pupils. 

11. A father UN agency may be a chronic person, Associate in Nursing adulterous mother, a gorgeous partner, Associate in Nursing an unlearned son square measure enemies in one's own home).


1. An intellectual shouldn't reveal his loss of wealth, the vexation of his mind, the misconduct of his own spouse, base words spoken by others, and disgrace that has befallen him. 

2. The UN agency provides up timidness in financial dealings, in feat information, in the intake, and in business, becomes happy.

 3. The happiness and peace earned by those happy by the nectar of religious tranquillity aren't earned by greedy persons restlessly moving here and there. 

4. One ought to feel happy with the subsequent 3 things; his own spouse, food given by Providence and wealth nonheritable by honest effort; however one ought to ne'er feel happy with the subsequent three; study, singing the holy names of the Lord (Japa) and charity.

 5. don't pass between 2 Brahmanas, between a Veda and his putting to death hearth, between a spouse and her husband, a master and his servant, ANd a plow and an ox. 

6don't let your foot bit hearth, the religious master, or a brahmana; it mustn't ever bite a cow, a virgin, AN oldster or a baby. 

7. Keep one thousand cubits aloof from AN elephant, 100 from a horse, 10 from an antlered beast, however, keep from the wicked by feat the country. 

8. An elephant is controlled by a goad (Anusha), a horse by a slap of the hand, an antlered animal with the show of a stick, and a rascal with an arm. 

9. Brahmanas notice satisfaction in a very smart meal, peacocks within the peal of thunder, a Hindoo in seeing the prosperity of others, and also the wicked within the misery of others. 

10. Conciliate a robust man by submission, a wicked man by the opposition, and also the one whose power is capable yours by politeness or force. 

11. the ability of a king lies in his mighty arms; that of a Veda in his religious knowledge; which of a lady in her beauty youth and sweet words. 

12. don't be terribly upright in your dealings for you'd see by about to the forest that straight trees ar curtail whereas crooked ones are left standing. 

13. Swans live where there's water, and leave the place wherever water dries up; let not a person act thus -- and are available and go as he pleases. 

14. Accumulated wealth is saved by disbursal even as incoming H2O is saved by material possession out stagnant water.


1. Low category men need wealth; social class men each wealth and respect; however the noble, honor only; thence honor is that the noble man's true wealth. 

2. The lamp chuck up the darkness and so it produces lamp black; within the same means in line with the character of our diet (sattva, rajas, or tamas) we tend to turn out offspring in similar quality. 

3. O wise man! offer your wealth solely to the worthy and ne'er to others. The water of the ocean received by the clouds is often sweet. The rainwater enlivens all living beings of the world each movable (insects, animals, humans, etc.) and immobile (plants, trees, etc.), then returns to the ocean it price increased 1,000,000 fold.

4. The wise UN agency recognize the essence of things that have declared that the yavana (meat-eater) is equal in unworthiness to one thousand candles very cheap class), and hence a yavana is that the basest of men; so there's nobody a lot of bases.

5. when having rubbed oil on the body, when encountering the smoke from a pile, when sexual activity, and when being smooth-shaven, one remains a chandala till he bathes. 

6. Water is that the drugs for indigestion; it's revitalizing once the food that's eaten up is well digested; it's like nectar once drunk within the middle of a dinner, and it's like poison once taken at the tip of a meal. 

7. information is lost while not golf stroke it into practice; a person is lost because of ignorance; a military is lost while not a commander and a lady are lost while not a husband. 

8. a person UN agency encounters the subsequent 3 is unfortunate; the death of his spouse in his maturity, the entrusting of cash into the hands of relatives, and relying upon others for food.

9. singing of the Vedas while not creating practice sacrifices to the Supreme Lord through the medium of Hindu deity, and sacrifices not followed by bountiful gifts are futile. Perfection is achieved solely through devotion (to the Supreme Lord) for devotion is that the basis of all success

10. there's no self-discipline capable of a balanced mind, and there's no happiness capable contentment; there's no sickness like covetousness and no virtue like mercy. 

11. Anger could be a personification of Hindu deity (the demigod of death); thirst is just like the hellish stream Vaitarani; information is sort of a kamadhenu (the cow of plenty), and happiness is like Nandanavana (the garden of Indra). 

12. virtue is AN ornament for private beauty; righteous conduct, for prime birth; success for learning; and correct disbursal for wealth. 

13. Beauty is spoiled by AN immoral nature; noble birth by unhealthy conduct; learning, while not being perfect; and wealth by not being properly utilized. 

14. Water leaky into the world is pure; and a loyal spouse is pure; the king UN agency is that the good person of his individuals is pure; and pure is that the Veda UN agency is happy. 

15. displeased Brahmanas, happy kings, back prostitutes, and immodest housewives are ruined. 

16. Of what avail could be a high birth if an individual is an empty scholarship? a person UN agency is of low extraction is worthy even by the demigods if he's learned. 

17. A learned man is worthy of the individuals. A learned man commands respect all over for his learning. Indeed, learning is worthy all over.


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Bulletproof low may be a made, creamy low drink crammed with healthy fats. This Keto drink is created with low, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. “Bullet Coffee” has several intercalary health edges that you just don’t get from the regular black low. This direction is common within the keto and paleo communities and is alleged to assist with weight loss. find out how to create|to form|to create} bulletproof low and make this your new morning fuel. Bullet low maybe a creamy, delicious low drink which will fuel you with energy. whether or not you’re searching for keto low or simply a brand new and attractive low direction, this drink is for you!

Bulletproof Coffee is a rich, creamy coffee drink filled with healthy fats. This Keto drink is made with coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. “Bullet Coffee” has many added health benefits that you don’t get from regular black coffee. This recipe is popular in the keto and paleo communitie…