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99 % success stretegy from AUTO TRADING in 2020

What is auto trading software?

Before we can cover what automated Forex software is, we need to start with the basics: What is automated trading?

Simply, there are two types of trading:

  1. Manual trading
  2. Automatic trading

Manual trading is when you manually open and close trades in your trading platform. Automatic trading, on the other hand, is when a software program analyses the market and places a trade based on predefined parameters.

Automated trading software, also known as Expert Advisors or EAs, can open and close trading positions without human intervention. Some automatic software uses technical analysis to make algorithmic trading decisions, while others use economic news to place orders.

How auto trading software Work?

Automated Forex trading software analyses market information in order to make trading decisions. This information might include currency price charts, economic news and events, spread fluctuations, and other market activity.

By analyzing this data, using criteria that have been programmed by the trader, the software identifies trading signals and generate a purchase or sell alert based on those criteria. On this alert, the software can be programmed to automatically carry out the trade.

In summary, the functions of Forex auto trading software can carry out include:

  1. Market analysis, including technical analysis and fundamental analysis based on your trading strategy
  2. Opening trades automatically when the specified conditions are met
  3. Closing open positions according to the specified conditions (take profit, stop loss, reversal ...)
  4. Risk management, through limiting the size of open positions or the number of open positions you have at any one time

If you have a Forex trading strategy with an automated approach, you can program your automatic trading software to analyze and trade the markets 24 hours a day, which allows you to seize all potential trading opportunities.

Having said that, although trading algorithms can be great tools, keep in mind that using the Forex trading program does not guarantee a profit. The results will depend on the strategy used, and a winning strategy may become a loser if market conditions change.

Are you ready to start automated trading? Then you can try out a range of different tools FREE with Admiral Markets?

How? The process is simple:

  1. Sign up for a Free Demo Account
  2. Download and install Meta trader 5
  3. Download and install Meta Trader Supreme Edition
  4. Open MetaTrader on your computer, and sign in using your demo account details.

Then you can start using free Expert Advisors to see how automated trading works!

What are the benefits Of auto trading?

Now that we've covered how automated trading software works, what are the benefits of using tools like this? The first advantage of automated trading programs is the removal of emotional and psychological influences when trading. Automated software makes your trading decisions consistent and unemotional, exploiting parameters you have pre-defined, or the default setting you have previously installed.

Many traders - both beginners and experienced - often make trades for emotional reasons. They see there is a lot of activity in the GBP/USD, for example, and they don't want to miss a potentially profitable trade. Or they see a trade going badly, and manually close it before their strategy says they should. With automated trading, emotional decisions, and lapses of judgment do not happen.

Automated software pushes you to clearly set out your trading strategy, rules, and objectives in order to program the algorithm, so this forces you to set rules and stick to them!

Next, for currency speculators who make trades based currency spreads, auto Forex trading software can be effective. This is because price discrepancies are instantaneously apparent, the information is immediately read by the trading system and consequently, a trade is executed.

Additionally, automated software programs also enable traders to manage multiple accounts at the same time, which is a real plus that is not easily available to manual trades on a single computer. This allows you to seize many opportunities simultaneously, along with running complementary strategies at the same time. For instance, with the right software, you could run a strategy and a different day trading strategy for the same financial asset.

For serious Forex traders who have other interests, occupations, or obligations, automated software or an automated Forex trading robot can save considerable time that could otherwise be devoted to other important activities such as studying the markets, analyzing different charts, or watching for various events that influence currency prices.

Automated FX trading systems allow you to free yourself from your computer monitor, while the software scans the market, looks for trading opportunities, and makes trades on your behalf.

In addition, MetaTrader 4 & 5 applications on iPhone, Android, and tablet allow you to easily monitor your trading account wherever you are.

One final benefit of Forex auto trading software is that the marketing incentives to buy specific packages, which might give you extra tools for trading.

While there are many benefits to trading with automated trading software, keep in mind that this is not a recommendation on our part to use automatic trading.

What Is the Disadvantages of forex auto trading?

As with any tool, automated Forex trading software comes with disadvantages as well as benefits. Some of these include:

1-Scams related to the sale of autonomous trading software - not every program out there will perform the way you want it to, which can make it easy to spend money with no benefit.
2-Lack of knowledge in computer and algorithmic programming - given the previous point, it's important to understand how your automated trading program works. If you don't have strong programming or computer knowledge, you might struggle to get the most out of auto trading.
3-The financial cost of using a professional coder - if you can't code, you can hire people to create Forex and currency trading programs for you. However, these people can get expensive quite quickly.
4-The lack of systematic trading training - beyond programming knowledge, it's also important to have a clear trading system for the trading bot to follow. If you don't, then you will struggle to see the benefits of automated trading software.

These are the four most common challenges faced by beginners to automated trading. If you are an experienced auto trader, you may encounter other difficulties related to advanced trading strategies. Remember to take into account these considerations when creating your trading strategy and your algorithm! This will save you some nasty surprises.

Which financial market best for auto trading software?

Automated trading programs are not all made equal, and it's important to consider the markets you want to trade when choosing the right one for you. In particular, it is important to apply your strategy in markets that are more likely to provide good trading conditions, but also constant movements on a regular basis.

In our experience, auto traders trade three major markets: Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. In the following sections, we'll share the advantages of using automated trading for trading these three markets via CFDs

Benifit of autometic software?

  1. Enjoy high volatility every day on dozens of currency pairs.
  2. Get 24/7 continuous quotes, trade any time of day and night.
  3. Take advantage of the strong liquidity of the foreign exchange market, with about $5 trillion in transactions every day.
  4. Many Forex auto traders are available on the world's two leading trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. These are the world's most popular platforms for manual and algorithmic trading.
Benefits of auto trading index?
  1. Enjoy high volatility every day on dozens of currency pairs.
  2. Get 24/7 continuous quotes, trade any time of day and night.
  3. Take advantage of the strong liquidity of the foreign exchange market, with about $5 trillion in transactions every day.
  4. Many Forex auto traders are available on the world's two leading trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. These are the world's most popular platforms for manual and algorithmic trading.
Auto trading in meta trader

While there is a range of trading platforms that accommodate automated Forex trading, the world's most popular platform is MetaTrader. Both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 offer traders access to a wide range of markets (thousands, with Admiral Markets!) from a single platform, along with advanced charting functionality.

The platforms are also compatible with Expert Advisors (EAs), which allow you to carry out trades automatically.

To add an expert advisor to your MetaTrader chart is very simple:

  1. Select the chart where you would like to add an EA.
  2. Click the "Navigation" panel.
  3. Expand the "Expert Advisors" menu, followed by the "Advisors" menu.
  4. Select your preferred EA and drag it onto the chart. You can also double click on it to apply it to an MT4 or MT5 chart.
  5. Fill the desired parameters into the popup window.
  6. In the "Common" tab, check "Allow Automated Trading


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